Mar. 19th Miami, FL Pastor’s Breakfast

This was our first event for 2019. We had thirty pastors registered to attend the breakfast. Fifteen minutes before the event started we were informed there had been a accident on the interstate which prevented many from attending. We had eighteen present for the presentation. Following the presentation I was able to meet with several pastors who were not able to attend due to the accident at a local coffee shop.

The response from the group was tremendous. Several key pastors in the Miami/Ft Lauderdale area were present. We are now setting dates to return to speak at three churches. We are also planning to hold an “Advocacy Luncheon” in August and hold a “Night To Honor Israel” in March of 2020. This is being coordinated with the calendars of both Victor Styrsky and Pastor Scott Thomas to make sure they will be available to be present and oversee the event.  A group of the pastors present will be meeting to organize and prepare for both events. One of the pastors present is from West Palm Beach. She later contacted me and informed me of a Spanish minister from her area that oversees over four hundred spanish pastors and is very interested in CUFI and desired to hold an event in the area for the spanish pastors. She gave me the contact information which I passed over to Peter De Jesus. We will be holding an English “Advocacy Luncheon” in West Palm Beach as well in the late spring.

Outcome of the event:

  1. Three churches open to host a service to speak on Israel and CUFI.
  2. Planning a “Advocacy Luncheon” in August.
  3. Planning a “Night To Honor Israel” in March 2020.
  4. Connected Peter De Jesus with Pastor Marilin Rivera who oversees over 400 Spanish pastors in the south Florida area.
  5. “Advocacy Luncheon” in West Palm Beach in the late spring.
  6. Two pastors interested in attending a future CUFI trip to Israel.
  7. Very strong interest from several in attending the 2019 Washington DC Summit.
  8. Interest in sending college students to Washington DC Summit.


A Jewish family who attends one of the churches allowed my wife and I to stay in a one bedroom condo they rent out. They informed me they will provide it to me to use for any CUFI events in the area for only $35 per night plus $50 cleaning fee.

I am honored to serve CUFI in this capacity and look forward to seeing major things happen through this event in the south Florida area. The CUFI staff were amazing to work with. The food and catering was excellent. All materials arrived as planned.