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Make-A-Wish, Disney partner to help kids in Israel

Internationally-renowned charity “Make-A-Wish” has partnered with Disney to raise money for Israel’s critically-ill youth by partnering with Israeli clothing retailer FOX to sell bracelets – of which 100% of the profits will go to sick children across Israel.

The “MickyWish” bracelet, made with the specific intent of raising money for children being cared for by Make-A-Wish, is being sold online and at “Terminal X” shops across Israel for NIS 19.9.

“There is nothing that warms my heart more than to see the abundance of people all over the county buying this beautiful item and knowing that wishes will come true as a result,” said Denise Bar-Aharon, Founder and CEO of Make-A-Wish Israel.

Along with the production of the bracelet and partnerships with globally-recognized brand Disney, Make-A-Wish went the extra mile to generate money for Israel’s sick children – by producing a commercial to be broadcast on Israeli television and at Cinema City locations.

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