Lockheed Martin joins Iron Beam project to build variant of system for US market

US defense contractor Lockheed Martin on Monday signed an agreement with the Israeli Rafael weapons manufacturer to join the development of a high-powered laser interception system, dubbed Iron Beam.

In a statement, Lockheed Martin said the cooperation would be geared toward developing, testing, and manufacturing a variant of the Iron Beam system for the American market as well as others.

The Iron Beam is designed to work in tandem with systems like Iron Dome and shoot down smaller projectiles.

Israel has hoped to partner with Washington on the Iron Beam project, including American investment in further development and deployment of the system. In July, US President Joe Biden toured a Defense Ministry display of Israel’s multi-tier air defense systems, including the Iron Beam.

Rafael CEO Yoav Har-Even on Monday hailed the “strategic agreement,” saying it would “expand and diversify the capabilities” the company has to offer to its customers.

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