Liberman thanks US for giving Israel ‘room to maneuver’ against enemies

US National Security Adviser John Bolton (L) and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ahead of their meeting in Jerusalem, August 20, 2018

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman met Monday with US President Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser John Bolton in Jerusalem, and praised the Trump administration for giving Israel “significant maneuvering room” to operate against its enemies.

The two met in Jerusalem following Bolton’s meeting earlier in the day with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in which the two bemoaned the “wretched” Iran nuclear deal and called for stepped-up global pressure on Tehran to curb its military activities.

According to Liberman’s office, he and Bolton discussed a range of security issues, among them Iran, Syria, Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.

“We have a very supportive president in the White House and a very supportive administration and this gives us significant maneuvering room vis a vis our enemies to the north and south,” Liberman’s office quoted him as saying.

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