Last Child to Undergo Lifesaving Heart Procedure by Save a Child’s Heart, as the Israeli Based International Organization Teams Up with Wolfson Medical Center in the Fight Against COVID-19

As Save a Child’s Heart’s (SACH) finished heart surgery on its last child until the pandemic ends, SACH announced today that it is teaming up with Wolfson Medical Center (WMC), a hospital serving 500,000 people in central Israel, to make space for patients and raise money for essential medical supplies needed for the hospital’s fight against COVID-19.

2-year-old Daniel was brought by SACH from Ethiopia to Israel two months ago for lifesaving heart surgery. He underwent successful heart surgery today, and will now be recovering at the SACH children’s home alongside a group of children from Zanzibar, Ethiopia, Iraq, Morocco and the Palestinian Authority.

WMC in Holon is on the front line of the battle against novel coronavirus in Israel, but there is not enough space within WMC to hospitalize all the COVID-19 patients who need treatment.

To help meet this crisis, SACH has been called upon to speed up construction of its new Children’s Hospital – originally due to open in October – to mid-April. SACH will dedicate the new hospital to housing pediatric patients from WMC to free up beds there for COVID-19 patients.

“As the world continues to face these unprecedented times, it’s our mission as a global organization to help fight COVID-19 to save lives. SACH built this new Children’s Hospital to enable us to treat more children and train more doctors from developing countries. That mission is on hold during this crisis, but we can save Israeli patients who will have nowhere to go if we don’t get this done,” said Dr Lior Sasson, SACH Lead Surgeon.

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