Keep Your Eye on the Nuclear Ball

We in CUFI were opposed to President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran. And we opposed it with everything we had. We recognized that Iran is an aggressive power with no interest in peace. We knew that this deal would not appease Iran but merely embolden it. And, once the deal was signed, we prayed that we would be proven wrong.

Sadly, we have not been proven wrong. The ink is barely dry on the Iran deal, and Iran is already baring its teeth. Shortly before the new year, the Iranians fired a missile that came within 1,500 yards of the American aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman. Talk about a shot across our bow!

Even more provocatively, Iran has conducted two ballistic missile tests over the past 3 months, with the UN Security Council’s Panel of Experts concluding that the October 10th ballistic missile test violated a United Nations Security Council resolution.

How did the Obama Administration respond to these dual tests? You guessed it. It did absolutely nothing. The Administration announced that it would issue new sanctions against Iran. But then it quickly abandoned this course. Yet another red line has been crossed with absolutely no consequence.

An emboldened Iran is not ignoring Israel. On January 4, the Iranian-backed terrorist group Hezbollah planted a roadside bomb on the border between Lebanon and Israel, striking a convoy and injuring IDF troops.

We were right about the Iran deal. And we are now seeing the harvest of aggression and terror we predicted. But we can’t just sit back and tell our leaders and neighbors that we told them so. We need to show them the error of this deal. It is not too late to turn past support for this deal into future opposition. A consistent messages to our elected representatives, friends and neighbors — and electing wiser leaders next November — will help us roll back this disastrous deal.