June 30th Odenton, MD Why Israel Event

United Methodist Church Sunday Update:
1) Studying this week’s Torah portion early this morning I discovered it is the exact verses and centerpiece of the message I was bringing at all three services. (Two Traditional – One Contemporary) Wow GOD!!
2) The church sang, “Just A Closer Walk” at the two traditional services – the one song I sang at my mother’s memorial last year. They also sang, “The Lord’s Prayer” which contains the surprise ending to my message!
3) “Yoram” is an Israeli who happened to attend the 3rd service – and had his mind blown. Baruch HaShem Yoram!
4) Sister Lee came up to me and I almost had to get on my knees to be able to hear her sweet little voice whisper, “You have really opened our eyes here this morning pastor.”
5) The dear pastor of the church who came with CUFI to Israel and opened the Sunday service to us, told me that one person “didn’t like” the message. “He was INFLAMED that I would allow such a racist, cultic, wicked message in our church!” the shocked pastor told me.

“Jew hatred is a poison that goes septic into the soul of Christians who claim to love a Jew from Nazareth – you can’t help the man,” I attempted to comfort my friend.