June 19th Springfield, MA Night to Honor Israel

The Restoration Worship Center in Springfield, MA had their first Night to Honor Israel on Wednesday June 19 and their auditorium was packed with over 400 people who left the celebration different than when they arrived. Bishop Eli Serrano, our MA State Director did a masterful job as the host pastor as did the remarkable Restoration Worship Center musicians. Keynote Speaker had the crowd of primarily 18-30 year olds memorized by his testimony and exhortation of adding action to their faith in standing with Israel. He had a huge graphic with the number 367 projected on all three screens, and at the end of his message revealed that this congregation was only 367 miles from their destiny of standing with Israel in Washington, DC!

It was absolutely genius – and as always a great pleasure, honor, and learning experience to partner up with our dear Kasim.


By the number of Stand With Israel Cards we received I believe every family that was at the event is now a member of CUFI.