June 19 – Pastors’ Meeting – Las Vegas, NV

The event was hosted by Pastor Jun Marcelo.  He was expecting for 15-20 Pastors to attend the CUFI Pastors breakfast meeting but ended up having 45 pastors. They were so excited after the presentation that they wanted to set another presentation for the pastors who missed the meeting. Here is the feedback from the host pastor.

“Thank you for coming to Las Vegas and sharing CUFI Vision and Mission to us.  We Las Vegas Pastors are very much challenged and more inspired to pray and support Israel, the Apple Of God’s Eyes.  We always pray for Israel every Saturday during our Filipino American Pastors’ Regular Prayer gathering.  And this burden for Israel is further reinforced through your presentation.

Actually, several weeks before your coming here, the Holy Spirit seems impressing in my heart to be more active in supporting Israel.  I regularly pray for Jerusalem, but it’s like God is urging me to get involved more.  Then your CUFI team came.”