June 11th Anasco, Puerto Rico Spanish Why Israel Event

On Sunday morning, June 9th, our CUFI National Hispanic Outreach Coordinator Rev. Peter De Jesus conducted a Spanish Why Israel event in Añasco, Puerto Rico. This event was hosted by our new CUFI Puerto Rico Directors Pastors Rey and Mildred Matos of Ministerio Cristiano Catacumba #5 in Añasco, Puerto Rico. It was the second event this year they have hosted. And although the first one they held back in March was a great event in which approximately 82 Pastors and Ministers gathered from throughout the West region of Puerto Rico, this particular congregational event was just as great as approximately 650 of their congregants attended this event. Upon listening to our vision, mission, and scriptural imperative to love, support, and advocate for Israel, the congregation responded very well as many of them joined our CUFI membership and gave offerings towards our CUFI On Campus work. Additionally, members of the Pastoral staff expressed interest in going to Israel next March with several of their leaders on our CUFI Churches United Israel Tour. So overall, this was a wonderful and impactful event!