July 18 Farmington, NM Bilingual Standing with Israel

Our CUFI National Hispanic Outreach conducted its first-ever Bilingual Standing With Israel event in Farmington, New Mexico on Thursday, July 18th. This historic event was hosted by Pastor Jonatan Lopez of Iglesia Familia Sinai, which is part of the Assemblies of God Central District that covers 6 states in the Western Region of our nation. Since Pastor Lopez went to Israel with our CUFI National Hispanic Outreach earlier this year, he was so impacted by our trip to Israel that he hosted this event with the deep desire for his congregation to stand with Israel now more than ever before. As a result of this event, Pastor Lopez’s desire became a reality for many of his members who joined CUFI and also gave offerings towards CUFI On Campus in response to the pro-Israel message they received from our CUFI National Hispanic Outreach Coordinator, Rev. Peter De Jesus. Now, Pastor Lopez, who is also a District Executive Leader for the AG Central District, is planning on bringing CUFI to some of their key District events in the next year. We believe this is just the beginning of a much greater pro-Israel impact and outreach to this very important U.S. region!