January 16 – Why Israel – Tucson, AZ

On Thursday, January 16th, our CUFI National Hispanic Outreach Coordinator Rev. Peter De Jesus conducted our first-ever Spanish Why Israel event in Tucson, Arizona at Iglesia Fuente de Vida. This event was co-hosted by Pastor Alfonso Venalonzo of Iglesia Cristo Vive and his colleague Pastor Ramiro Centeno of Iglesia Fuente de Vida. Approximately 65 people attended this historic event, including a few additional pastors and Christian radio station directors, who were interested in finding out about the Pro-Israel work of CUFI. Upon receiving the CUFI presentation shared by Rev. De Jesus, many of the pastors, directors, and congregants responded very favorably to the biblical, historical, and contemporary reasons as to why Christians should stand with Israel. It was great to see many of the event attendees become CUFI members, give offerings towards the work of CUFI On Campus, and express interest in our Washington DC Summit this year. Additionally, it was great to hear Pastor Venalonzo express his desire to host a Pastors Meeting Dinner later this year, and to also help lead a group of people who will travel to Israel at the end of the year. Thus, this first-time Spanish Why Israel event in Tucson was quite successful!