January 16 – Pastors’ Meeting – Tucson, AZ

Pr. Jeff Logsdon, who also attended the CUFI pastor’s conference in October 2022 in San Antonio, hosted the event. As a trip Alumni himself, the purpose he had when invited me to speak at this event was to form an interest group for Israel at his church that supports CUFI. He wanted his church members to hear about CUFI from a representative. Nine people were present at the event.

These nine members of his church told me they were involved in Christian advocacy work one way or the other in the past and they said Israel is something they love to learn more and be part of. I gave an interactive style presentation about CUFI and Israel. Some members also said they started the Israel course. At the end of my presentation and our discussion, Pr. Jeff asked me to give a Why Israel message to his whole church in February and I agreed. He is also connecting me with more pastors in AZ.