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Israeli UN Envoy Scolds Palestinian Counterpart: Your Hate For Jewish State Overrides Care For Your Own People

Israel’s envoy to the UN excoriated his Palestinian counterpart at a Security Council discussion of Israeli efforts to aid the Palestinian Authority during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, declaring: “You have made it clear that you prefer to hate Israel more than help the Palestinian people.”

Israeli Ambassador Danny Danon sprang to his country’s defense after Palestinian representative Riyad Mansour poured condemnation on the Jewish state.

Mansour claimed that “this pandemic has only further highlighted the absurdity, immorality and illegality of Israel’s crimes and the urgency of bringing them to an end right now.” He then asked, “How can Israel justify destroying homes, clinics and humanitarian assistance and medical neglect of prisoners?”

In his remarks, Danon spoke directly to Mansour, “How dare you slander our efforts? How dare you lie about the brave soldiers of the IDF? How dare you blame them of the spreading the virus? They risk their lives to contain the outbreak for both Israelis and Palestinians.”

The Israeli ambassador then went on the offensive, attacking Mansour: “Not only are your accusations shameless lies, but they are antisemitic. 

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