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Israeli Startup Protects Intubated COVID-19 Patients From Complications

An Israeli startup is helping protect coronavirus intubate patients from further complications that often appear when a person is on a ventilator for a prolonged time.

The coronavirus outbreak has created a spike in patients who need to be intubated. However, as this has become the standard for those who are critically ill, being on ventilators for a significant amount of time can also cause severe effects, which include pneumonia and damage to the patient’s trachea. For years, Kfar Saba-based Hospitech Respiration has been working on technology to avoid these effects, obtaining significant results certified in clinical trials and studies performed in several countries, as the CEO Yoav Venkert explained to the Jerusalem Post.

Before the emergency broke out in Wuhan, several hospitals in China were already employing its products. Therefore, when medical staff from all over the country convened to the Hubei province to help fight the disease, those coming from those hospitals brought the devices with them.

“It marked the first time that our devices were used in the treatment of coronavirus patients,” Venkert explained.

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