Israeli startup aims to identify coronavirus carriers using their voice

Can coronavirus carriers be identified by analyzing their voice?

That’s what an Israeli startup is trying to find out, in collaboration with the Defense Ministry’s Administration for the Development of Weapons and Technological Infrastructure.

The startup, Vocalis Health, is currently conducting research aiming to identify a vocal fingerprint unique to those who have the respiratory virus, to help the Health Ministry better identify those who have been infected, the Defense Ministry said in a statement Monday.

Vocalis Health, headed by Tal Wenderow and Dr. Shady Hassan, is currently collecting voice and breathing samples from COVID-19 patients as well as from the general public, which will then be analyzed using machine learning technology.

It will then attempt to develop an algorithm that would help the Health Ministry make initial assessments and easily monitor the condition and symptoms of coronavirus carriers who are in their homes, to avoid overwhelming the healthcare system.

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