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Israeli Start-Up to Combat Spread of Coronavirus Using Touchless Tech

Sonarax, a Haifa-based start-up which specializes in ultrasonic communication technology, announced this week that it will be offering its touchless technology to help with in-office physical distancing in light of the novel COVID-19.

The company’s technology allows for different mobile devices to communicate with one another on ultrasonic sound waves, which are imperceivable to the human ear. Today, when people must be careful in the public realm so as not to catch and spread the virus, the ultrasonic technology may come in handy to create a working platform for touchless work spaces.

“We developed a very specific algorithm that allows the transfer of data over ultrasonic waves,” said Nimrod May, CCO for Sonarax, to The Jerusalem Post. “The way that this is being done is by implementing a very simple, fast software development kit (SDK) … Instead of us putting our hands on a fingerprint module or swiping a card or punching something in, we basically implement our SDK on the employee’s mobile application, and this SDK communicates [with] the secretary’s simple desktop computer.”

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