Israeli PM Lapid, unable to get Biden on phone, pushes for meeting to discuss Iran: report

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid is hoping to talk to President Biden about the new Iran nuclear deal that appears to be nearing fruition, but lately, he has not had much luck, according to reports.

According to The Jerusalem Post, Lapid has been unable to get Biden on the phone, with the White House first blaming the president’s recent vacation — which ended on Wednesday. With both men set to speak at the United Nations General Assembly in September, Lapid is hoping for an in-person meeting.

Israel has been pessimistic about recent developments with the Iran nuclear deal, as Iran and P5+1 nations go back and forth in an attempt to finalize terms. Still, Lapid has been hopeful that the communications his administration has had with White House officials have been impactful.

“This is a bad deal,” Lapid said at a meeting of the Yesh Atid party, while recognizing that as the U.S. responded to recent demands from Tehran, “[t]he Americans accepted a large part of what we wanted them to put into the draft and that is a welcome change.”

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