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Israel said ready to sell Iron Dome to UAE, build regional defenses against Iran

In the wake of a missile attack launched during President Isaac Herzog’s landmark visit to Abu Dhabi, apparently by the Iran-backed Houthis, Israel is reportedly planning to advance the sale of missile defense systems to the United Arab Emirates.

Channel 13 news reported Monday that talks were underway for the sale of a number of weapons systems to the UAE, which would both warn of incoming fire and intercept it. Abu Dhabi is currently operating a South Korean missile defense system.

The report said the sale of the Iron Dome missile defense system to the UAE could mark the beginnings of a regional defense system that would help give Israel advance warning of any potential attack by Tehran.

However, according to Channel 12 news, a decision has not yet been made by Israel whether the Iron Dome system will be sold to the UAE or to Saudi Arabia. Israel has denied previous reports that it has already provided Riyadh with the defense system.

A ballistic missile was fired at Abu Dhabi on Sunday, apparently by the Houthis, an Iran-backed Yemen group. The missile was intercepted and the UAE’s defense ministry said there were no injuries or damage, with the remnants of the missile falling in unpopulated areas.

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