Israel, PA partner to transport water to Palestinian farmers in the Jordan Valley

Israel’s Civil Administration has issued a building permit to the Palestinian Water Authority (PWA) to build a trunk line, which will be used to transport treated wastewater for agricultural use from the Al Bireh Treatment Plan, near Ramallah, to Palestinian farmers in the Jericho Valley.

The 30-kilometer pipeline will carry 2.5 – 3.5 million cubic meters a year of much-needed high-quality agricultural water to farmers in the Jordan Valley – a welcome change, as the Al Bireh wastewater treatment plant has poured roughly 3 mcm. of high-quality treated water that is often contaminated with raw sewage from a different source.

Due to the gradual deterioration of existing water transfer and treatment infrastructure in the Jordan Valley and the rising impact of climate change, discussions on how to effectively transfer safer water to the Jordan Valley were ongoing for years.

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