Israel calls on UN Security Council to block Iranian terror funding: ‘Israel will not hold back’


Israel’s United Nations Ambassador Danny Danon called on members of the United Nations Security Council Tuesday to take action to help stop Iran’s funding of global terrorism — and warned that Israel will act if attacked by terrorists.

“If we must, we will respond alone. We will defend our democracy; safeguard our sovereignty; and protect our people,” Danon told the Council at a debate on the Middle East. “If Israel must act, Israel will not hold back.”

Danon said Tehran spends $7 billion a year on funding terrorism, and presented members with new information showing how Iran had been increasing funding and training to terror groups in the West Bank. He called on the U.N. to label groups like Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic jihad as terrorist organizations, which would in turn bar countries from sending them money.

Danon said when the Security Council labeled Al Qaeda, the Taliban and ISIS as terror groups, their terror threat was reduced. He urged members to show the same zeal against groups that receive Iranian terror funding and to crack down on that funding.

“In our region, the money trail of terror leads back to one common supplier. The world must acknowledge that supplier – the source that is the epicenter of modern terrorism,” he said

He was backed in his assessment by U.S. Acting Permanent Representative Jonathan Cohen, who said that “we see Iran’s proxies taking dangerous steps that threaten international peace and security.”

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