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Israel Ambassador Blisters Hamas: ‘You Will Not Win’


On Thursday, George Deek, the Israeli ambassador to the Republic of Azerbaijan, who is an Arab, released a video in which he blistered Hamas, noting that his family had spent more than 10 days in a bomb shelter while Hamas fired thousands of rockets into Israel, and concluding, “You will not win.”

Deek, a Christian, began, “This is a message to the leaders of Hamas. I’m Israeli ambassador George Deek. My family is from Jaffa, and has lived there for generations. Lately I’ve been thinking about the difference between you and me. We are both Arabs, but we couldn’t be further apart.”

“We both believe in God, but we couldn’t have a more different vision of what that God wants,” Deek asserted, then blasted Hamas for their brutal treatment of those living under their rule: “I look at my brothers and sisters in Gaza, and I see what you have done to their lives. You deny them basic rights. You steal their money. You kill those who dare to disagree with you.”

“You want to destroy Israel, launching rockets that kill Jews, Muslims, and Christians alike,” he charged.

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