Iran to Mark Annual Anti-Israel Al Quds Rally with Vehicles, Online

Iran is slated to mark next week’s annual antisemitic Quds Day rally, calling for the obliteration of  Israel. by permitting people to drive in vehicles and  participate in an online event rather than march through the streets, so as to avoid the spread of coronavirus.
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced the vehicle protest on state-controlled television on Saturday.

The elite Revolutionary Guards will be in charge of organizing the rallies, Rouhani said, adding that those joining in could still chant slogans from their vehicles and wave flags.Rallies to mark Quds Day, which uses the Arabic name for Jerusalem, are held in towns and cities across the country and aim to show of support for the Palestinians. Typically those marching chant “Death to Israel” and burn the Israeli flag.

The Islamic Republic News Agency reported on Saturday that an international Quds Day conference will be held online.

The state-controlled IRNA wrote: “Ayatollah Aarafi said that the aim of the conference is to keep Quds alive using the capacity of the elite, NGOs and Arbaeen rallies, discussing Zionists and the World Arrogance’s plots and state terrorism against Palestine, as well as the strategies of the Resistance.”

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