Iran Regime will Develop Nuclear Submarines Says Navy Commander

BERLIN -The head of navy for the Islamic Republic of Iran announced on Thursday that Tehran will build nuclear submarines.

“It’s a king of neglecting if the Islamic Republic does not think about using nuclear propulsion in submarines … this domestic capability exists in the Defense Ministry regarding the production of submarines bigger than Fateh and certainly, the developing of submarine propulsion is on the agenda of the Navy,” Rear Admiral Khanzadi said, according to a report in the state-controlled Mehr news agency.

Khanzadi said that “None of the international pacts ban using peaceful nuclear energy but the peace we are talking about doesn’t find meaning without maintaining defense readiness.”

He continued that “when there is no deterrence and readiness for a defense, no peace and stability will be established and so the Armed Forces of the country are present to ensure sustainable peace.”

Writing in the National Interest online in early April, Caleb Larson said that Iran notified the UN’s nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), in 2018 that it was seeking to “construct naval nuclear propulsion in the future.”

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