Iran Regime, ISIS and Other Extremists Exploit Coronavirus to Wreak Havoc

Mysterious armed men waylaid a tanker on Tuesday in the placid waters off the coast of Iran near the Strait of Hormuz. The strategic straits are close to the UAE and are where oil tankers transit to move the world’s oil.

No group ‘claimed responsibility’ and the men left soon after taking control of the Hong Kong-flagged tanker. Iran may have been responsible for the incident.

The vessel was just one of many places targeted by groups that are using the distraction of the pandemic to attack, lay claim, harass and kill. Waterways are particularly at risk because the world’s navies are dealing with the threat of the virus to key crews, such as aircraft carriers.

Reports indicate that France’s only aircraft carrier has numerous cases. The USS Theodore Roosevelt has been sent to port due to the pandemic. Submarines have also had to quarantine crew.

Terrorist groups all over the world are watching for an opening due to the pandemic.

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