Iran Nuclear Talks — More Warning Signs

Yesterday, June 30th, was the deadline by which America and the other P5+1 nations were supposed to reach a deal with Iran to stop its nuclear weapons program. This was not the first such deadline. Yet once again, the deadline came and went without a deal.

Meanwhile, we continue to receive troubling reports from Geneva that the negotiations have largely consisted of Iran exploiting our government’s desperate desire for a deal to turn our red lines into green lights. As Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu noted yesterday, “In the nuclear talks, to my regret, what we are seeing are Iran’s increasing demands, and the major powers’ concessions which are also increasing, in keeping with the Iranian pressure. This agreement is going from a bad agreement to a worse agreement, and is becoming worse by the day.”

If and when a deal is announced we will be quick to examine it. We will pray for the best. But if this deal is as bad as reports indicate, we will not be silent. We will speak out, and we will ask you to speak out with us. In particular, we will ask you to demand that your leaders in Congress vote down a bad deal. In the meantime, please stay tuned and stay in touch. We need you now more than ever.