Iran navy conducts “massive drill” in Persian Gulf, Sea of Oman

Iran has sent much of its navy to take part in a three-day drill across two million square kilometers of sea between the Straits of Hormuz and the Indian Ocean. Iranian media boasted that this was a major illustration of Tehran’s sea power. Missiles will be launched, reconnaissance drones, and submarines will take part, along with helicopters and frigates.

The mission, deemed Velayat 97, began Friday in the Persian Gulf and off the coast of Oman. Fars News reported that the Fatah ‘Conquerer’ class submarine, the first of its type constructed in Iran and operational for the last several years, took part in the drill. The Sahand class frigate, also designed in Iran and launched in 2012, took part. Tehran stated 100 naval units took part practicing with cruise missiles, torpedoes and rock launchers.

Important martial systems, including cruise missiles, torpedoes and rocket launchers, were tested on surface, sub-surface and flight units, which were repeatedly tested.

The naval exercise comes at a time of tensions with the US, after Washington condemned Iran at the summit in Warsaw. In addition Iran has upped tensions with Saudi Arabia after a terror attack in southeastern Iran, which Tehran blamed partly on Riyadh. Iran has also recently condemned the United Arab Emirates, Israel and the US. Sending its navy to the Strait of Hormuz, a major chokepoint for the world’s oil, is provocative.
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