Iran Arrests Ex-TV Presenter for Accusing Regime of Coronavirus Cover-Up

BERLIN – The security forces for the Islamic Republic of Iran arrested a former  TV presenter, Mahmoud Shahriari on Wednesday because he alleged the regime engaged in a cover-up about the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

Shahriari was arrested for “disseminating false news about the novel coronavirus outbreak in Iran,” the Iranian-regime controlled Young Journalists Club (YJC) said.

Radio Farda, the Iranian branch of the US government-funded Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, first reported outside of Iran on Wednesday about the arrest, citing the YJC outlet—a  news agency run by the state-controlled Radio and TV network (IRIB).

Radio Farda wrote that “Shahriari had accused the government of initially covering up the spread of the virus not to discourage people from participating in the state-run ceremonies, celebrating the 41st anniversary of the establishment of the Islamic Republic on February 11.”

The news outlet said that “He had also made fun of the clerics who dominate Iran on social media for their inactivity and lethargy.”

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