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‘Intifada until victory’: Pro-Palestinian demonstrators rally in New York

Several hundred pro-Palestinian protesters gathered in New York City on Wednesday to protest against Israel-linked organizations on “Land Day,” an annual Palestinian protest event.

The demonstrators gathered outside Grand Central Station in Manhattan, while a small group of pro-Israel counter-protesters assembled across the street, bearing Israeli flags and signs with the images of the 11 Israelis killed in terror attacks in the past week.

A line of police separated the two groups as they shouted at each other across 42nd Street.

The pro-Palestinian group then marched through midtown Manhattan, stopping at the offices of Israel-linked groups including Friends of the IDF, the Central Fund of Israel and Ateret Cohanim.

They bore signs that read “Intifada until victory,” “We will free Palestine within our lifetime” and “Resistance until return.”

The protesters chanted, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” “Resistance is justified when people are colonized,” “New York to Gaza, globalize the intifada” and “There is only one solution — intifada revolution.”

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