In Iran, I Was Taught To Hate Israel And Jews. Then I Watched Schindler’s List.


I am an Iranian, born in Iran one year after the Islamic Revolution in 1980. I spent my entire childhood there and was schooled in its educational system, which is designed by an extremist Islamic cult known as the Islamic Republic of Iran. Throughout those years and up until today, anti-Semitic and anti-Israel dogma pervaded the society and was taught in all school and university textbooks. During the four decades of the Islamic regime in Iran, the term “occupier” has always been used as a synonym for Israel in television, radio, press and even movie channels. For decades, the idea of destroying Israel has been presented as a religious-national duty for all Iranians.

I come from a country where many streets are named after terrorists who have killed Israelis. Electronic signs counting down the days to Israel’s extermination have been erected in its streets. Government officials regularly set Israeli flags on fire, alongside the American flag, at public events and ceremonies. At the entrances to universities and government offices, the Israeli flag is painted on the asphalt so that people can step on it. Billions of dollars are spent annually on regime propaganda against Israel and support for terrorist groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas. Most importantly, in government propaganda, the Holocaust has always been portrayed as a historical lie.

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