Israel Defense Force (IDF)


Summary of the Night’s Events as of 05:00 AM:

Over the course of the night, approximately 30 launches were identified emanating from the Gaza Strip towards Israeli territory. Seven launches were intercepted by the IDF’s Iron Dome aerial defense system and at least three fell in the Gaza Strip.

Earlier this morning (Wednesday), IAF fighter jets targeted Hamas terror targets throughout the Gaza Strip for the third time tonight, targeting 11 terror targets in four military compounds belonging to the Hamas terror organization, including an underground training compound.

In response to the projectiles fired throughout the night from the Gaza Strip at Israeli territory, IAF fighter jets have targeted approximately 25 terror targets in the Gaza Strip thus far.

The Hamas terror organization targeted Israeli civilians throughout the night with a severe rocket attack and is dragging the Gaza Strip and its civilians down a continually deteriorating path. Hamas is responsible for everything that transpires in the Gaza Strip and will bear the consequences for deliberately targeting its terror at Israeli civilians.

The IDF is prepared to continue fulfilling its mission to defend Israeli civilians and will increase its activity as necessary.