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IDF Tech to Convert Simple Breathing Device Into Ventilator

As the number of coronavirus cases continues to grow, Israel’s Health Ministry has placed an order for 1,000 advanced monitors developed by the IDF which will help convert simple breath regulating devices into respirators.

Amid fears that the number of patients needing respiratory assistance may exceed the number of respirators available, the Ministry of Defense along with various defense industry companies have begun the production of Israeli-developed ventilators.

The IDF’s Military Intelligence Directorate’s 81rst Technological Unit has been working on developing protective gear and improvised medical equipment to assist healthcare workers in the fight against the deadly virus which has claimed some 141 lives.

 Four weeks ago the unit began working to find a way to convert CPAP — continuous positive airway pressure — machines which are used by first responders to help people with light respiratory distress breath more effectively.

 “Four weeks after the main clinical trial of the product, 100 systems will be transferred to Sheba Hospital and there are more that are ready,” said Maj.S, adding that the monitors are the result of joint development by Sheba Hospital and military intelligence.

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