IDF launches retaliatory strike on Gaza after Palestinian rocket fired


The IDF said it carried out a retaliatory strike against a Hamas target after a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip landed in Israeli territory.

No injuries or damage to property has been reported in the incident.

In response to the exchange of fire, the IDF tweeted: “Terror has consequences.”

The incident began in the pre-dawn hours of Sunday morning when a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip landed in an open field in southern Israel, triggering an alert siren around 1:30 am.

Shortly thereafter, the IDF said it launched an airstrike at a Hamas military post located in the southern Gaza Strip.

It remains unclear which Palestinian militant group was responsible for the initial rocket attack, but IDF policy holds Hamas responsible for all aggression originating from the Gaza Strip.

The exchange of fire comes on the heels of renewed clashes between Palestinian demonstrators and Israeli security forces on the Israel-Gaza border and East Jerusalem. 

At least 90 Palestinians were injured during a riot at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City Saturday evening, with 16 being taken to the hospital, according to the Palestinian Red Crescent.

Palestinian rioters threw rocks and bottles at Israeli forces stationed at the site, which broke up the crowd using stun grenades and water cannons.

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