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Hundreds march at George Washington University to take stand against anti-Semitism

Chanting “Am Yisrael Chai”—the Jewish people live—hundreds of students at George Washington University marched from the building that houses the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity to the center of campus to stand against anti-Semitism.

The “Torah Procession and Solidarity Rally” was a response to the desecration of a paper Torah in the fraternity building that was vandalized over the weekend.

The turnout, according to Rabbi Yudi Steiner, director of the Rohr Chabad at GW, was “overwhelming and full of love.”

Steiner spent time with members of the fraternity prior to the rally, saying that some students were visibly shaken by what had happened. “I told them to channel this experience into a good one. Our response will determine the end of the story. Someone came and tried to make Jewish students feel attacked; our response was to do the opposite. To parade through the streets and read the Torah aloud.”

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