Hitler Stickers Appear at Dickinson College Jewish Center Near Harrisburg, Pa.

Police are investigating an antisemitic incident at the Milton B. Asbell Center for Jewish Life at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pa.

Someone placed stickers with Hitler’s image at the Jewish center, which has a student lounge and vegetarian kitchen open to all, reported ABC News 27 on Sunday night.

Rabbi Marley Weiner, director of the Asbell Center, said the sticker had “two little young smiley face stickers, but with a little mustache, a little swoopy, so clearly indicating a cartoon iced version of Hitler’s face.”

He added, according to the report, that “as a community, we have to take it seriously every single time. Because we don’t know whether it’s just somebody trying to shock or whether it’s truly a sign that something that is dangerous to the physical safety of our students is coming.”

In response, university administrators wrote a letter stating: “We do not tolerate hate, and we do not tolerate discriminatory acts. Every member of the Dickinson community must work to create a culture that is respectful and inclusive.”

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