Talking Points

The Historically Bad Iran Deal

On Tuesday morning, the day that over 5,000 CUFI members from all 50 states were headed to Capitol Hill, the President announced that America and the other P5+1 nations reached a nuclear deal with Iran.
Let us be clear- this deal is dangerous for Israel, the United States and the entire world.
Armed with information about this historically bad deal our CUFI members headed to Capitol Hill demanding that their Members of Congress vote against the agreement because it failed to meet even the following most basic requirements:
1. Sanctions Relief. Any sanctions relief should be gradual and phased in only as Iran complies with its obligations under an agreement. Providing Iran with tens of billions of dollars upon signing a piece of paper, would give them a tremendous windfall in exchange for something that is worth next to nothing: their word.

2. Anytime, Anywhere Inspections. Iran lies and cheats. Iran has a long record of hiding its nuclear program from inspectors. Iran has built and hidden entire nuclear facilities. Any deal that does not allow for anywhere, anytime inspections will simply be a license for Iran to continue cheating.

3. Past Nuclear Activity. Iran must reveal all of its previous nuclear and related weaponization work. In the absence of this disclosure, there is no baseline and therefore no possible way for inspectors to ensure Iran is complying with its new obligations.

4. Non-Nuclear Sanctions. Any sanctions relief under this deal should be limited to those sanctions imposed in response to Iran’s nuclear program. Iran has never agreed to end its support for international terror (in fact, in these negations, the Obama Administration never even asked them to do so). There is therefore no reason to end sanctions imposed upon Iran because of its support for terror.

5. Arms Embargo. The arms embargo was imposed because of Iran’s support for international terrorism – it has nothing to do with Iran’s nuclear program. The arms embargo must remain in place until Iran stops supporting terror.

6. Term. The deal would enable Iran to become a nuclear power with the full blessing of the international community in as little as ten years. If a nuclear Iran is an unacceptable threat today, then it will continue to be an unacceptable threat a decade from now. An agreement must deny Iran the bomb, not merely postpone the day of reckoning.

Congress will have 60 days to review this deal. Over the next 60 days we will be calling upon you to share with your Members of Congress the dangers of this historically bad deal.
We need your help over the next 60 days help protect Israel and America from a nuclear Iran. When called upon please be ready to email, call and meet with your Members of Congress. We were created for such a time a this. Together we can make a difference for our children and grandchildren.