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‘He was full of love’: Family and friends mourn fallen IDF soldier


Hundreds of mourners were present at the cemetery in the Elyakim moshav near Yokne’am on Thursday for the funeral of St.-Sgt. Omer Tabib, who was killed yesterday by an anti-tank missile fired by Hamas from the Gaza Strip into Israel.

“He was full of love and calm,” said Tabib’s mother, Tali. “He loved and was loved by people. He was full of happiness, and he respected everyone around him, always ready to lend a hand when needed.

“My son, you were caring and sensitive, always knowing what the right thing to say was. My beautiful boy, give us the strength to continue, make me hope that I didn’t make any mistakes along the way, that I didn’t hurt or disappoint you. I tried, and if I made a mistake, I apologize. I love you so much, forever, my son.”

Tabib was a soldier in the Nahal Brigade’s 931 battalion.

“These people from Gaza, as well as from inside our country, want to destroy us,” said Gamliel Ratzon, a family friend. “They were successful this time, but they won’t be for long. We have a strong army that will make these murderers hurt. I demand revenge, revenge that eliminates thousands of [members of Palestinian Islamic] Jihad and Hamas, because those are the only terms they understand.”

“A terrible tragedy landed on us yesterday, like a lighting bolt on a bright day,” said Megiddo Regional Council head Itzik Holevsky. “We will continue to fight the enemies of our state.”

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