Hamas initiates online fundraising campaign to encourage youth to resist

Lebanon’s Mayadeen TV aired a report in March about an online campaign in Gaza to encourage support for the “resistance,” namely Hamas. The reporter, Lana Shahin, said that the campaign, which was launched by Hamas’s military wing, the Al-Qassam Brigades, strives to use modern and secure methods, and briefly discussed the Brigades’ cryptocurrency campaign

A man interviewed in the report said that many foreign activists have tried sending messages of support to the resistance, and the report showed some videos, including one of small children expressing their support. Gazan activist Warda Al-Zebda said that Palestinian women who have sacrificed their children for the resistance should be role models for all free people in the world, and that those who cannot sacrifice blood for the resistance should sacrifice money instead.

Iyad Al-Qarra, editor-in-chief of the Gaza newspaper Palestine and the head of the board of directors of the Gaza Youth Media Center, was also briefly interviewed, and he referred to the Palestinian youth involved in the campaign as the “Twitterati.”

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