Guards Top Commander Says Iran Has Prepared ‘The Capability To Annihilate’ Israel

The commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, IRGC says the Islamic Republic has prepared “the capability to annihilate” Israel and “this regime must be wiped off the world geographic” map.

General Hossein Salami in ramarks delivered at the opening of a gathering of IRGC commanders today added that this is an aim within Iran’s reach.

Salami, speaking in cryptic words remarked, “The second step of the revolution is the step that rearranges the constellation of power in favor of the revolution. Iran’s Islamic evolution will be on top of this constellation.” He added, “In the second step we will be thinking of the global mobilization of Islam.”

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has also called for “destroying Tel Aviv and Haifa” in the past and has predicted Israel’s destruction until 2040.

In December 2018, Iran’s foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif denied any Iranian leader having ever threatened Israel.

In an interview with the French weekly Le Point Zarif answered a question by the report retorting, “When did we say we want to annihilate Israel”.


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