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Groups urge GOP to reject school-board candidate in Idaho for ‘anti-Jewish bigotry’

Pro-Israel Jewish and Christian organizations are drawing national attention to a school-board candidate in Idaho engaging in “blatant anti-Jewish bigotry” and encouraging violence; and as a result, have been urging the local and state Republican Party to repudiate him.

David Reilly, who is seeking a seat on the school board in Post Falls School District and has the support of the Kootenai County Republican Party, has claimed that “the Catholic Church has been infiltrated by homosexuals, Jews and bad leadership … ” and has, according to a report in The Daily Beast, tweeted that “all Jews are dangerous” and that “Judaism is the religion of anti-Christ.”

“This candidate has an undeniable record of promoting hate. Defending him sends the message that his bigotry is acceptable,” said Randy Kessler, executive director of StandWithUs Northwest. “We urge the KCRCC and Idaho Republican Party to condemn his comments and educate their members about why his bigotry against Jews is wrong.”

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