Germany Arrests Five Suspected ISIS Members For Planned Attack Vs. US

BERLIN — The federal German prosecutor’s agency announced on Wednesday that five alleged Islamic State members were arrested in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia for planning terrorism attacks against US forces.

“They jointly founded a so-called cell in Germany. They initially planned to travel to Tajikistan to take part in fighting against the government as part of the armed ‘jihad.’ After the accused had refrained from this project, they now intended to commit fatal attacks in Germany,” said the prosecutor in a statement.

The suspected Islamic State members formed their terror cell in January, 2019.

The prosecutor said the Islamic State members were in contact with high-level Islamic leaders in Syria and Afghanistan from whom they received directives.

The Islamic State cell planned to attack American forces in Germany as well individuals.

 According to the prosecutor, the Islamic State cell “planned a murder attempt on a person who, from the perspective of the accused, had made public statements that were critical of the Islam. Against this background, the targeted murder victim has already been spied on by the accused Farhodshoh K. US Air Force bases in Germany were also scouted.”

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