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Gantz to Hezbollah: War With Israel Will Cause ‘Immense’ Damage to Lebanon


Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz issued a warning to Hezbollah on Monday, saying that the damage to Lebanon in any future war with Israel would be “immense.”

Speaking at an event marking Israel’s recognition of its 18-year presence in southern Lebanon as an official military campaign, Gantz said that such a war would be fought on Lebanese and not Israeli territory.

”Lebanon needs to know that what Gaza experienced a few weeks ago is only the tip of the iceberg. The targets are ready. Those with rocket launchers hidden in their yards are putting their neighbors in jeopardy. Those who are armed by Iran and trying to operate in the aerial sphere—will be marked and shot down at the place of our choosing. The war that erupts from Lebanon—heaven forbid—will mostly take place on the enemy’s territory, and the damage to it will be immense, painful and comprehensive,” said Gantz.

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