French Far-Right Local Election Candidate Posts Antisemitic Video

Alain Mondino, head of the far-right RN list in municipal elections in the Paris suburb of Villepinte posted a video on social media linking Jews to the spread of the coronavirus.

The video, titled “Corona virus for Goy”, espouses a theory that the virus was “put in place by Jews” in order to “assert their supremacy”.

Mondino said he had “found the title so stupid that I clicked”. He denied sharing it, saying he had only liked it.

Mondino heads one of the two heads of the Rassemblement National list in the Seine Saint-Denis department in the capital’s north-eastern suburbs.

The post was passed on through Twitter but actually originated on Vkontakte, a Russian social network, which Mondino himself praised for its “greater freedom of expression” than Facebook or Twitter.

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