Event Recaps

February 7 – Gainesville, GA – Why Israel?

On Friday, February 7th, our CUFI National Hispanic Outreach Coordinator, Rev. Peter De Jesús, conducted our first-ever Spanish Why Israel event in Gainesville, Georgia. This epic event was coordinated by our CUFI South Carolina Hispanic Outreach State Director – Superintendent and Pastor Edson Dos Santos; and it was hosted by one of his Assemblies of God Southern Latin District Ministers – Pastor Saul Reyes of Iglesia Refugio De Salvación Asamblea De Dios. Approximately, 150 people attended this historic event and many of them joined their pastor in becoming members of CUFI and giving offerings towards our CUFI On Campus efforts. Additionally, Pastor Reyes expressed his desire to attend this year’s Washington DC Summit, to have his congregation regularly support CUFI, and to also host another event next year, if not sooner. Thus this event was quite successful in more ways than one!