Event Recaps

February 24 – Never Again? – Detroit, MI

The Never Again showing that CUFI Michigan State Director Mary Hunter organized was a great success! There were over a hundred people who registered online and well over that who showed up without registering. The movie was extremely impactful and I had amazing conversations afterwards, as did Ms. Mary, about the movie content. A very interesting conversation I had was with a nice lady who attends the WoF church there with Ms. Hunter, who is also a government employee. She got to talking to me and let me know that she is very close friends with Rashida Tlaib and that this movie has convicted her to potentially be willing to approach the one topic with Rashida that is generally avoided, and that is Israel. I told her that as a member of CUFI, and as an employee for CUFI, that we care about all people to include the Palestinians. I made sure she understood a very basic concept that seemingly rocked her mindset, that to be pro-Israel is not the same as being anti-Palestinian. I also made sure this lady understood that if Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib ever decided to come to Israel to see why her constituents care so much about it, to let me know so that CUFI can have the opportunity to be a part of the mechanism that would help educate her to other perspectives. Incredible event hosted by a phenomenal State Director.