Event Recaps

February 16 – Israel Is – Barberton, OH

The event was hosted by Mr. Craig Brown who is the leader of CHM (Christian Healthcare Ministries, Inc.) This is a Christian business, and they have a weekly chapel on Thursdays. The Israel message was shared to the employees of the ministry: 200 of them were in person at the chapel and an additional 100 of employees joined the chapel from all over the United States virtually as they work remotely.

One great note to share from this event: after the event, the CFO of the organization remarked: “Now I get it what it means to stand up for Israel as a Christian. As the financial person of the company, I’m responsible to keep the company from spending money. But Israel is a great cause worth spending money for and I promise we will find the money to take our leadership to Israel. Thank you for coming to tell us about Israel!”