Event Recaps

Feb 26 Nampa, ID Stand With Israel

In final day of a three-day series of events at Crossroads Community Church, Dumisani Washington led a discussion on the multiethnic Jewish diaspora and CUFI’s Mizrahi Project. He began with the scriptures that explain what the Jewish people call, “The Redemption,” and defined it for the people as the global in-gathering of the Jews to their ancestral homeland. The audience also watched the PragerU video “Why are there still Palestinian refugees,” and also several short films from the Mizrahi Project series. After the program, Dumisani gathered with over 20 college students from the Nampa/Boise area, and took questions about Israel and the work of CUFI. They discussed the issues of Palestinian human rights, the UN bias against Israel, Black-Jewish solidarity, and the need for Christian supporters of Israel to speak against the real injustices in the Middle East, i.e. 500,00 killed in Syria, Hamas’ reign of terror in Gaza, and the lack of free speech in the Palestinian territories.