Feb. 21st Gainesville, FL Bilingual Why Israel Event

On Thursday, February 21st, our CUFI National Hispanic Outreach Coordinator Rev. Peter De Jesus conducted our first-ever bilingual Why Israel event in Gainesville, Florida. This historic event was hosted by Pastors Mark and Lisa Vega of Ignite Life Center and Ignite School of Ministry. It is worth noting that the first time Pastor Vega went to Israel in 2015, he went with CUFI. As a result, although he initially traveled there as a Christian pilgrim, he returned to the U.S. as an intense Christian Zionist. Consequently, he hosted this historic and great event. What made this event so great was that in addition to many of Pastor Vega’s congregants and visiting Pastors becoming members of CUFI, Pastor Vega also announced that he, his congregation, and their school of ministry would be getting more involved with CUFI in order to host many more events, pray for and financially support Israel, and attend our CUFI Washington DC Summit this July. And to top it off, Pastor Vega also accepted our invitation for him to join our CUFI volunteer leadership team. Thus, this historic event produced a huge impact!