Feb. 13th San Antonio, TX Why Israel Event

On Wednesday, February 13th, our CUFI National Hispanic Outreach Coordinator Rev. Peter De Jesus conducted an English-speaking “Why Israel” event in San Antonio, Texas. It was held on the city’s south side at The Miracle Center Church led by a father and son dynamic duo, Host Pastors, Rev. Ruben Medel and Rev. Eddie Medel. Approximately 250 people were in attendance including Rev. Mildred De Jesús, our Daughters For Zion Hispanic Outreach Director and Pastor Daniel González, our San Antonio Hispanic Outreach City Director. It was extra special to see Pastor Eddie Medel make an altar call for his congregation to bless the nation of Israel in prayer, and also receive the blessing from the God of Israel in prayer. Many of his congregants became CUFI members, gave offerings towards our Pro-Israel work, and joined our Daughters For Zion Prayer Network. And as if that was not enough, Pastor Medel announced they will host CUFI events annually, and will eventually dedicate one week per year to our CUFI efforts. Needless to say, this event’s impact went far beyond the event itself!