December 6 – Newark, NJ – Spanish Why Israel

On Friday, December 6th, our CUFI National Hispanic Outreach Coordinator Rev. Peter De Jesús conducted our first-ever Spanish Why Israel event in Newark, New Jersey. This historic event was hosted by Pastor Anibal Peña of Ebenezer Pentecostal Temple. Approximately 95 of his congregants attended this event and many of them became new CUFI members, in addition to giving offerings towards the work of CUFI On Campus. The event went so well that several of the congregants asked Pastor Peña to schedule another CUFI event for next year to which he agreed. Additionally, it was wonderful to find out from Pastor Peña his plan to take a group of his congregants to Israel in 2021. So needless to say, this event was very successful in more ways than one for Zion’s sake!